Five Minute Sketch Challenge!

Tony Stark…and martini.


Here it is. Page one of our online comic, The Omega Society

Who’s this guy? What’s he going on about? What the hell is going on?
Find out here in our mostly weekly online comic
The Omega Society!!

So….it’s coming….finally

weekly…starting in March.

And so it was seen up above for miles and miles….

Look. To each and every one of you. January is already almost over. Remember this…keep that spirit that you had when the year started…keep the momentum. Don’t let anything or anyone stand in your way and by all means never let anyone stop you from being the bright, brilliant star that you are…unless you’re a d.b…if that’s the case then promptly stop everything you are doing at once.


The Story of IX…Part Two…

And so….


Somebody’s always trying to tell someone what they can and cannot do. Feh

Happy New Year!!!

R.I.P. Jerry Robinson

Jerry Robinson, the creator of The Joker passed away today. Oddly enough, THIRTEEN years after Batman creator Bob Kane. Looks like The Joker got the last to speak.

Some "set work" for the web comic… experiment in creating a set around the drawn illustrated character…worked well…

…and then I made a steel heart…