Okay it’s like what, the third week of Januaray? How unprofessional of me. Here. I’ll make it up to you with  a huge artdump. Consider this Blog a consolidation of…stuff. It’s kinda what the inside of my head is like so, sorry for the mess, and the lack of snacks. No snacks, sorry. But what you will see is a barrage of stuff I should have uploaded to my Blog in the first place…so here….enjoy, and the next time any of youse come back, bring a friend. Seriously. I could use the following. And the exposure….tap tap….is this thing on….

So my friend and I used to joke that you could get everything “fo like twenny buucks”.

This is Annie. Action Annie. A friend says it sounds like a porno name. I think all the more reason to leave it the way it is. Make fun of it. If you dare.
Animal is near and dear to me. He is my favorite Muppet. He is a drummer. I became a drummer because of him.  The end.
This is Anatolia, the message girl.




Stuff for a Hero Concept: The Combateers

John McClaine. I love Die Hard. Yep.

I cannot stress this enough…10-11 is Kel-Toberfest…stop calling it a birthday!

The Great Battleship Pelican…I love space operas, I’ve seen a lot of them. Star Blazers is my personal favorite. I wanted to make my own. Let’s see if I can rattle something out by the fake release date.

I started drawing because of Popeye. I watched Popeye one morning before school and it was ON!! I drew all the time…on the backs of my tests, on my actual assignments…it became a problem for awhile…

There’s more to come later…and the place will look better too. I swear.


About polluxblack

Carmichael, CA. New headquarters of K.B. Myers, Pollux Black, the Omega Society, and Team Amazing. Here at Strangewurks Labs you will find the works of K.B.Myers, the ongoing adventures of Pollux Black, and the audio experimentations of Anodized Black. So, sit back relax and please, don't touch that, God knows what'll happen.

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