There are two things about Mark Whalberg.
1) I cannot hear his name mentioned without immediately going
 : “Oh you mean Marky Mark? C’mon C’mon. Feel it Feel it…”
every. damn. time.

2) Mark Whalberg (see I totally just did it in my head) is hilarious. He is because he’s hilarious when he’s absolutely not supposed to be.

What makes it hilarious to me is that I’m convinced that he is absolutely oblivious to this. “C’mon, seriously guys, why do you keep laughing at me?”

He said the words “Iraqi Ass Map” in Three Kings with a straight face. I can’t even do that right now.


About polluxblack

Carmichael, CA. New headquarters of K.B. Myers, Pollux Black, the Omega Society, and Team Amazing. Here at Strangewurks Labs you will find the works of K.B.Myers, the ongoing adventures of Pollux Black, and the audio experimentations of Anodized Black. So, sit back relax and please, don't touch that, God knows what'll happen.

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