I’m getting ready to move to San Francisco on Tuesday, and I thought…”hmm, I’ll watch The Magnificent Seven while I pack. Fail. It’s just dawned on me that I’ve just been watching The Magnificent Seven.

I must say though. I watched this movie once..when I was a kid. But watching it now, as an adult, with the understanding of things that I have now, I must say…it’s an awesome flick. And the fact that it’s based on The Seven Samurai (another awesome flick) just makes it that much cooler a movie to me. That’s. No real new posts till after the move, but then again, no real followers that I actually see yet, so it looks like I’m cool.


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Carmichael, CA. New headquarters of K.B. Myers, Pollux Black, the Omega Society, and Team Amazing. Here at Strangewurks Labs you will find the works of K.B.Myers, the ongoing adventures of Pollux Black, and the audio experimentations of Anodized Black. So, sit back relax and please, don't touch that, God knows what'll happen.

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  1. K.B. Myers says:

    Addendum: The other Magnificent Seven movies sucked. Big time. The end.

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