No. My blog is not abandoned….only neglected. I’m working on new things that will  be posted soon. But I’m also starting a new feature here. I call it “And THAT’s Why I Enjoy Reading Comics”….or something.

Alright. On to it then. Volume 3 of Astonishing X-men. Tragedy’s happened, because it always does with those dudes. Colossus is back. Yay. Logan has been assigned to combat training. He does it the way that only Logan can….oh yeah, and the danger room left…or is broken…actually it malfunctioned and then left.

These two pages explain why

A) Logan is the best he is at what he does..and
B)WHY I enjoy reading comics.



About polluxblack

Carmichael, CA. New headquarters of K.B. Myers, Pollux Black, the Omega Society, and Team Amazing. Here at Strangewurks Labs you will find the works of K.B.Myers, the ongoing adventures of Pollux Black, and the audio experimentations of Anodized Black. So, sit back relax and please, don't touch that, God knows what'll happen.

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